Inflatables provide BIG fun, but there are precautions we take to keep your family safe.

General Inflatable Safety Rules

Safety guidelines very depending on the unit type. RRIA will inform you upon booking of unit-specific guidelines/rules.

Setup Precautions

Wind & Weather

RRIA will not deliver inflatables if wind speeds/gusts are forecasted to be greater than 15mph. This is non-negotiable.

Wind above this speed can rip stakes out of the ground, which can cause the inflatable to become airborne. Children have died in these instances.

Safety is our biggest priority.

In the event of excessive wind forecast, RRIA will fully refund or allow a reschedule. 

As for rain, if there is greater than 60% chance, RRIA will refund the event or allow reschedule.

If the chances are less than 60%, it is up to the discretion of the customer on whether to cancel. However, if you choose to proceed and it begins to rain after setup, no refunds will be given.  

Inflatable Safety Guide

More detailed rules/procedures, sample waiver, and safety.