Below is a copy of policies in our rental contract. If you have questions please visit our FAQ or contact us.

RRIA Contract/Policies

1. Rental Fees

1.1 Rental Items
Randolph Rent It All LCC (hereinafter, "RRIA" or "Company) agrees to rent to the Customer (hereinafter, "Customer" or "Renter") the items described in the invoice (hereinafter, "Rental Items") for the Customer's event (hereinafter, "Event") scheduled for the event date.

1.2 Reservation Length
All reservations are for an 8-hour period unless otherwise requested/approved. If the Customer rents items for less than 8 hours, the charges will not be prorated.

1.3 Rental Fees

Customer agrees to pay RRIA the fees (hereinafter, "Rental Fees") specified in the invoiced Rental Items List. Rental fees are for the time the Rental Items are reserved or out/away from RRIA's possession, regardless if the items were actually used by the Customer. No refunds will be given for unused Rental Items.

1.4 Multi-Day Rates

Multi-day rates are usually discounted up to 50% due to not having to set up multiple times. However, if an event is at a public location or unsecure from risk of theft/damage/weather, RRIA will not approve a multi-day discount. This is due to RRIA having to travel, set up, and takedown multiple times. SEE POLICY #6

2. Payment Schedule2.1 Initial Payment (Deposit on Invoice)
Customer agrees to pay a non-refundable deposit (the "initial payment") of 25% within 24 hours of receiving an invoice. RRIA will not reserve Rental items for the Event Date until Renter makes the Initial Payment. This 25% is applied to the total balance.

2.2 Final Payment
Customer agrees to pay the remaining balance of rental items, along with any additional fees for delivery charges, event rescheduling, or rental items additions/substitutions (the "Final Payment") 7 days before the Event Date. Payments not arranged or communicated may result in cancelling of event without refund of initial payment deposit.

3. Late Fees & Return

3.1 Late Fees
In the event the Customer does not pay the Final Payment, RRIA has no obligation to rent the Rental Items to the Customer, and the Company may terminate this Agreement and retain the initial payment.

3.2 Late Return
If Rental Items are not returned on the specified date and time on the Rental Items List, Renter agrees to pay the full Rental Fees for each day thereafter until the Rental Items are returned, or up to fourteen (14) days, at which time the Renter agrees to pay the full replacement fees.

4. Form of Payment

Customer agrees to make payments to RRIA in the form of cash, check, or electronic, credit, or debit card payments through Stripe. Local personal checks/business checks are accepted (payable to Randolph Rent It All). Returned checks are subject to a $35 charge.

5. Damaged or Missing Rental Items

Renter (or Renter’s representative, such as a professional event coordinator) has the right to inspect all Rental Items upon delivery and/or receipt, prior to the start of the Event, and should initial the delivery inventory sheet that Company provides upon delivery. Renter may waive this right to inspect.

If Renter discovers damaged or missing Rental Items prior to the start of the Event, the Renter agrees to notify Company immediately. RRIA will make attempts to replace the item, and if not, will refund the full amount of that single item. Renter agrees that any damaged Rental Items will not be used at the Event.

Renter agrees to pay for any damages occurring after the Rental Items are delivered to Renter. Damages are the sole responsibility of Renter, whether actually caused by Renter, Renter’s guests, Event venue staff, etc. Damages beyond normal wear and tear may include, but are not limited to, heavily stained items, punctured vinyl, rips or tears, burns, and/or excessive amounts of breakage.

Renter agrees to pay for the replacement cost of lost, stolen, totaled, or permanently modified Rental Items, including packaging supplies not returned.

5.4 Damage Deposit
Renter agrees to pay a damage deposit seven (7) days prior to the Event Date. Damage deposit amount is reflected on the invoice. This deposit is included in the Final Payment. This damage deposit is refundable in the event the inflatable and all components are returned without damage/extreme filth. The damage deposit may be forfeited to RRIA (in its entirety or partially) if the inflatable incurs damage or requires excessive cleaning as a result of breaking any of the "Bounce House Guidelines of Use." Example: Face paint stains, confetti stains, silly string, etc.

If damage happens due to circumstances beyond the Renter's control, RRIA may choose to waive the damage on a case-by-base basis.

6. Delivery

RRIA includes delivery within 35 miles for our large equipment (inflatables, dunk tank, tent, tables/chairs).

Outside of that radius, renter agrees to pay a delivery fee (the “Delivery Fee”), if any, which is based upon those Rental Items itemized on the Rental Items List. If Renter adds or changes Rental Items, or requests revised delivery/retrieval dates/times from the original booking, Company may increase the Delivery Fee.

Renter acknowledges the inflatables/tents/dunk tank require professional setup and take-down services by RRIA. RRIA Event Staff can be present during the Event upon request and additional charge. Renter must notify RRIA of their request for a staffed event upon booking.

Locations over 35 miles from RRIA may require paying RRIA staff to remain in town for the duration of the Event due to travel costs/time constraints. If this is the case, RRIA will notify the Renter on the invoice of the additional hourly "stay-in-town" charge for its delivery staff.


Locations over 40 miles away from RRIA may be subject to additional travel fees for orders totaling less than $500. Locations over 40 miles away also have a pickup cutoff (example: no later than 7pm). RRIA will approve events that end later than 7pm on a case-by-base basis.

Renter (or Renter’s representative such as Event Staff) must be present at the Event site during the agreed-upon time(s) and ensure Company has full access to the premises.

It is the responsibility of the renter to confirm permission to use public spaces. Please clear setup with park boards, schools, or other public spaces. If proof of insurance is needed, please email us @ rentwithrandolph.com
If RRIA attempts to deliver a unit and is denied entry/setup in the public space, customer will not receive a refund.

6.6 Overnight rentals.
Overnight rentals are not permitted unless approved by RRIA. Overnight rentals are heavily dependent upon: event type, location, weather, wind, location security, theft risk, and risk of animals having access to the units.

7. Terminating Agreement

In addition to any other obligations set forth in this Agreement upon termination, if Renter terminates this Agreement in full for any reason, the Renter agrees:

7.1 To make all terminations in writing, text, phone call, or email.

7.2 The Initial Payment identified in the Rental Invoice is non-refundable regardless of when the notice of termination is given (special terms apply for weather or wind cancellation).

7.3. Termination by Company
In addition to any other obligations set forth in this Agreement upon termination, if Company terminates this Agreement, the Company will refund all fees to the Renter.

7.4 Reschedule Policy
If Renter reschedules the Event Date, Renter agrees to give notice to the Company of Renter’s intention to reschedule the Event Date and, if known, identify the new date for the Event as soon as possible (hereinafter, “Rescheduled Event Date”).

Company cannot guarantee the availability of the Rental Items on the Rescheduled Event Date. The initial payment can be transferred to a rescheduled event. Rescheduling must be done seven (7) days before the Event Date (unless due to weather/rain delay).

8. Rain/Weather/Wind Cancellation Policy

For outdoor events, in case of forecasted rain or severe weather conditions (high winds/gusts equal to and exceeding 20mph for the bounce house; 15 mph for the obstacle course/slide) during your rental date, the customer is allowed to cancel by 6pm the day before and receive a full refund.

Customers MUST contact RRIA and cancel by 6pm on the day before their rental date (voicemail and emails/texts before 6pm are okay for cancellation). If the customer cancels the order, it will be canceled for the rest of the rental period with no guarantee that RRIA can deliver if weather conditions get better.

If there is less than 50% chance of rain/high wind (hereinafter defined as greater than 19mph for the bounce house and 15 mph for obstacle/slide), the customer may go ahead with the order. RRIA will deliver the order if it is not raining/high winds at the time.
However, if it does start to rain/high winds during the rental time, RRIA reserves the right to cancel the order, due to safety concerns, with NO refund provided.

RRIA WILL cancel and refund any event that has greater than 19mph winds in the forecast or greater than a 60% rain chance. Safety is our #1 priority. This is non negotiable due to insurance. RRIA will contact you in the days before your event to prepare you for this.

If the customer decides to cancel an order once the RRIA driver has already arrived at their location then RRIA reserves the right to charge the customer a cancellation fee for not contacting before delivery time.
Recipient initial

9. Rental Item-Specific Clauses: Inflatables/Dunk Tank/Tent

Setup: Inflatables and large items can be set up on grass, concrete, or asphalt. NO SAND. Inflatables may also be used indoors. Hills or slight includes in the setup area should be a maximum of 5 degrees. Gates, doors, and walkways must be a minimum of 3.5 feet wide for all inflatables. Slide needs clearance of 4.5 feet wide.

Site Preparation:
The customer must make sure the setup area is ready (i.e. lawns mowed, vehicles/obstacles out of the way, animal feces removed, setup location cleared) before the driver is scheduled to arrive.

RRIA is not responsible for damages, alterations, or cosmetic changes to surface areas caused by our rented products setup for any amount of time. Inflatables may ruin grass or turf. If there is a concern about the setup area being damaged or altered, please choose a cement setup area as a setup location. Water slide may also cause discoloration of grass and mud.

Underground Utilities:
The customer assumes responsibility for any damage to underground utilities, landscaping, and water lines resulting from product setup. RRIA does not assume responsibility for utilities damaged by installation. Please be ready to inform the driver of the existence of any underground utilities (i.e. sprinkler systems, phone lines, gas lines, septic system, etc.), that may interfere with the ability to stake and/or anchor products.

It is recommended you contact DIG RITE at 8-1-1 or 1-800-DIG-RITE (344-7483) before our arrival to be informed of any underground utilities in your area. RRIA will not be liable for damages to private or city/county property if the customer, or person coordinating on behalf of the customer, does not notify the driver where to or not to anchor the rented products.

If the driver is not able to set up the unit because of the customer's negligence to inform of any steps, suitable surface, or access requirements the RRIA will have to cancel the order as "Undeliverable" and a delivery/cancellation fee will be charged. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain permission from rented venues or public locations (parks, etc.) to use rental items.

Electricity Outlets:
Electricity outlets must be capable of providing a dedicated minimum of 15 Amps for each inflatable. Make sure the electric outlet you intend to use is equipped with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI, most new electric outlets are). Electric is also needed for the tent lights.

Please check all electricity outlets you plan to use for RRIA products to ensure there will be an adequate supply of electricity. Insufficient electricity can create major problems during the course of the rental period including shorting our blowers, fire, etc.

Extension Cords:
RRIA will provide extension cords for up to 100ft away from electric source. RRIA is not responsible for damage caused by or faulty/shorted circuit breakers, or power outlets, malfunctions, and damages caused by the use of our equipment including generators, electric blowers, extension cords, and powered rental products. Customers can contact RRIA with any questions, prior to delivery, if there are power concerns.

Generators rented through RRIA can last up to 4 hours with the gas provided. Additional hours will require additional gas to be purchased. RRIA will permit use of customer's generator if it provides the necessary power needed.

Customer is responsible for supervising the safety and conduct of all people using RRIA products. There MUST be a responsible and mature adult supervising the operation of the products AT ALL TIMES!

Safety of all people using products is the responsibility of the person supervising. All products come with safety rules (usually located on the front of the unit) which need to be read and understood by any and all people supervising.

Safety rules can be found on device, on the RRIA website, and the sign board at the event. It is the Customer's (and every guest's) responsibility to view and read these guidelines and ask questions if they do not understand any part of the terms.

Participant inside the dunk tank MUST be 18 years old, over 5 ft tall, and able to swim. Maximum weight 250lbs. NO CHILDREN IN TANK DUE TO DROWNING RISK.

Rule Violations
Participants inside the units SHOULD NOT, AT ANY TIME, be allowed to do anything that is/are prohibited by the safety rules. Blatant disregard for the safety rules may result in physical injuries and/or additional fees; including any food, silly string, or items not allowed.

A fee of up to $250.00 may be applied for products returned with any food, silly string, dish soap, face paint stains, or prohibited items found inside. A cleaning fee of up to $100.00 will be applied if the rental is returned wet (if it is a dry-only unit).Recipient initial

9. Rental Specific Clauses: Tables/Chairs and Party/Event EquipmentRenter agrees to pay an additional cleaning and/or damage fees for failure to comply with any of the following additional rental policies:

Under no circumstances should furniture or items including tables, benches, upholstered seating, speakers, projectors, coverings, or any other furnishings be kept outside overnight or left in inclement weather such as rain or snow. If chairs were used outdoors in muddy conditions, RRIA would appreciate a quick wipe-down of chair legs.

All furniture/rental items such as tables and seating should never be dragged to move, but instead should be lifted fully off the ground.

Standing on furniture is not allowed.

If takedown services were not requested/paid for, the Customer must fold chairs up and place them back on rolling carts prior to pickup by the Company. The Customer must also fold tables and place them on rolling carts prior to pickup by the Company.

RRIA prices for the tables/chairs include delivery within 35 miles.

All other supplies are customer pickup and drop off at RRIA in Eminence, MO. Renter agrees to pay a delivery fee (the “Delivery Fee”), if any, which is based upon those Rental Items itemized on the Rental Items List. If Renter adds or changes Rental Items, or requests revised delivery/retrieval dates/times from the original booking, Company may increase the Delivery Fee.

Renter must request setup/takedown services for tables/chairs at least 7 days prior to the event. Renter agrees to pay additional fees for any such services. RRIA will deliver tables/chairs to the event, but it is the Customer's responsibility to remove them from the carts, setup, takedown, and return to the carts prior to RRIA returning.

Customer is responsible for setting up technology (example: speaker/projectors) and having necessary streaming services for use with the projector. RRIA does not provide wifi, electricity, streaming device, or streaming service (example: Netflix, Disney +, etc).Recipient initial

9. Rental-Specific Clauses: Concession EquipmentRRIA prices for the tables/chairs and tent include delivery within 35 miles.

All other supplies are customer pickup and drop off at RRIA in Eminence, MO. If your order includes items that we will deliver (example: inflatables) we will bring your concession equipment too.

Otherwise, renter agrees to pay a delivery fee (the “Delivery Fee”), if any, which is based upon those Rental Items itemized on the Rental Items List. If Renter adds or changes Rental Items, or requests revised delivery/retrieval dates/times from the original booking, Company may increase the Delivery Fee.

To protect our items, some concessions require to be covered and secured for transport.

Renter agrees to pay an additional cleaning and/or damage fees for failure to comply with any of the following additional rental policies:

Under no circumstances should concessions be kept outside overnight or left in inclement weather such as rain or snow.

All concessions should never be dragged to move, but instead should be lifted fully. Some concessions may be heavy.

Initial clean: Customer must perform an initial clean before returning concession equipment to RRIA. If unit is returned with sticky candy, butter, chocolate, etc., it can be tough to clean. It is much easier to clean immediately after use--so we appreciate cleaning before it gets too caked on! If units are returned without this initial cleanup performed, RRIA may keep your damage deposit for a deep cleaning fee.

DO NOT put water in or submerge the chocolate fountain motor/base and DO NOT attempt to clean inside of the cotton candy floss head. Do not put hands near blades of the snow cone machine.

Renter agrees that RRIA has provided a thorough demonstration of how to use the equipment safely and renter has had the opportunity to ask questions. Renter has received a copy of instructions.

Renter has been given full and ample opportunity to inspect all rental equipment and find no obvious damage. As a result, misuse or improper operation of equipment, which results in any injury, damage, personal
loss or death by you or one of your guests’ misuse or negligence, is NOT the responsibility of RRIA.

All accessories and additional concessions not considered a "connected part" of the rented equipment by RRIA has been received into my possession as new, unopened packages.

Renter will accept full responsibility for any accident, loss, damage, injury, theft, loss of limb, death or any other conceivable misfortune or accident that may occur as a result of the use, operation, transport or ingestion by me or any of renter's guests.

Renter is responsible for relaying training/user information to the intended operator. If Renter chooses to allow another operator other than their "self", operator must be 18+ and fully understand the safety and operation instructions.Recipient initial

10. Limitation of Liability; Idemnification

10.1 Release of Liability
Renter agrees that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Company’s maximum total liability for any claims, breaches or damages by reason of any act or omission shall be limited to the amount of the Rental Fees actually paid by Renter.

Renter agrees that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Company is not liable for any claim for emotional distress, mental anguish, punitive damages, consequential damages, lost profit, loss of enjoyment, lost revenues, or replacement costs, whether or not foreseeable or arising from any negligent act or omission on the part of any person.

Renter acknowledges that inherent risks and dangers accompany the use of inflatables and other items. These risks include known and unanticipated risks such as property damage (from fire, water, etc.), physical injury, paralysis, death, or other damage or injury to participants or property.

Those risks include but are not limited to falling, slipping, crashing, and colliding. Renter expressly agrees to assume the risk of the use of the Rental Items, and agrees to release, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Company and its employees, agents, and independent contractors for any injury, property damage, liability, claim, or other cause of action arising out of or related to Renter’s Event and the actions of Renter or Renter’s guests, including but not limited to injuries sustained by Renter or Renter’s Event guests while using the Rental Items. This includes food items in concession and risks associated with consuming foods. Renter acknowledges that these limitations reflect a fair allocation of risk and that Company would not enter into this Agreement without these limitations on its liability. Renter agrees all participants have permission from guardian to use the equipment and guardians understand risks and will not hold RRIA liable.

10.2 Reports of Damage/Injury to Participants or Property
Renter agrees to report any damage, injury, or claim to RRIA within five (5) days of the event date; failure to do so will result in negligence from the Renter and the release of liability or responsibility from RRIA.

11. Entire Agreement

This Agreement (including attachments) contains the entire agreement of the parties, and there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement whether oral or written. This Agreement supersedes any prior written or oral agreements between the parties.

12. Severability

If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions will continue to be valid and enforceable. If an arbitrator or court finds that any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, but that by limiting such provision it would become valid and enforceable, then such provision will be deemed to be written, construed, and enforced as so limited.

13. Signatures

This Agreement may be executed in one or more counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original and which collectively shall constitute one agreement. Use of fax, email and electronic signatures shall have the same force and effect as an original signature.